IBM Cloud Promo Code - 12 Month Trial

IBM Cloud Promo Code - 12 Month Trial


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Further your learning experience by honing your skills in building with IBM Watson! Cognitive computing represents the next revolution in humans interaction with technology to improve experiences and outcomes.   
IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language process and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data.  Take advantage of Watson Application Starter Kits to help build your cognitive applications quickly, as well as SDKs curated by Watson experts to build in various language types.  
Build cognitive applications with APIs for language, vision, speech and data insights.  Extract value and learn more from written, audio and visual content.  
Uncover insights into how and why people think, act and feel the way they do.  Then use those insights for more highly personalized interactions. Begin your cognitive journey building applications with Watson!
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NOTE: Each user can only request one IBM Cloud promotion code. If you already have a cloud access promotion code in your shopping cart, you will not be able to add another. With IBM Cloud you have a single platform in the cloud that will enable you to develop your own solutions using a wide range of IBM services and APIs, including big data, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Watson, mobile, security and more.


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